Synopsis of Kevin Backer's upcoming as-of-yet unnamed novel
The entire vampire world is on the brink of an all out war as young Adam takes over the reins of the American Coven of Vampires, replacing his murdered father. Groomed for this role, Adam's ability to lead is put to the test when he finds he must deal with prejudice from both the human and vampire worlds after falling in love with Conner, a closeted gay college student from New York.

An excerpt
"So let's get on with this then. What can I call you two?" Richard asked, still hopeful this was going to be just a somewhat civil meeting between the Covens.


Adam's attention was on the man stepping toward his father, so when the younger one spoke he reacted too slowly. There was just a blur of movement as a sawed-off shotgun appeared from under the trench coat. Even with Adam's superhuman speed and strength, there was nothing he could do. Both barrels of the shotgun caught his father square in the chest. The force of the blast lifted him up and threw him back against the far wall. That same moment, Adam saw the older man pulling another shotgun from under his own coat. This action spurred Adam into action.

Faster than the human eye could see, Adam was upon him before the shotgun cleared his coat. With strength he didn't expect, Adam drove his right hand up and right through the man's chest. Past the skin, under the ribs and through the man's heart Adam's fist traveled. Opening his hand inside the monster's chest, Adam grabbed the still beating heart and pulled. Vaguely seeing the shocked look on the bastard's face as his hand held his own bloody heart before him.

Turning his attention then to the younger man, Adam saw his action had caused his father's killer to pause momentarily. This second or two cost the young man his life. Hearing the first one crumple lifeless to the floor behind him, Adam was upon the second as he vainly struggle to reload the shotgun.

This book is not yet available