Reviews for The Preacher's Son

Outstanding romantic coming-out story deals with religious bigotry
This is one of the best coming-out/coming-of-age novels I have ever read, and absolutely THE best in reconciling religious teachings with attitudes about homosexuality. Using diverse and believable characters, the author paints a vivid and realistic picture of the issues and emotions of these young men, as well as those of the adults involved with them.

Classified by I-Universe as erotica, the sexually-explicit passages simply document the development of the relationship, which is integral to the plot. There's even a romantic 'Sleepless in Seattle'-ish climatic scene that is sure to bring tears to readers' eyes!

Outstanding effort, by an author I'd like to hear from again. FIVE huge, teary stars out of five!

I know these characters well!
When I say I know these characters in the book, I mean I've met real people that I presume have gone through the same ordeals as Paul and Jeremy. This is one of those quiet moment books that carries you away from your own troubles, keeps you entertained, makes you laugh, makes you cry, and makes you wish there was a sequel when you reach the end. Needless to say, I loved the book, the first read in many years. It restored my interest in reading and having just retired I hope I find many similar books in the near future.

My usual read is science fiction and mysteries, with the occasional gay fiction finding its way into my hands. The Preacher's Son was an accidental find and I look forward to other 'accidents'.

The Preacher's Son is available for purchase at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble.