The Preacher's Son

After the tragic death of his mother and sister, 18-year-old Paul Banks moves with his preacher father to a new home in Texas. Sparks fly when Paul meets tanned and muscular Jeremy, the son of a deacon in their new parish. As the young men explore their feelings for one another, they are faced with prejudices, not only from their schoolmates, but from Paul's father as well.

An excerpt
The next song blaring through the speakers was a slower tune than those previously played. Much of the crowd left the floor for a break, allowing Paul and Jeremy room to move apart - but neither did. The lights dimmed, and a mirrored ball descended from the ceiling, lit up by laser spots on four sides. The kaleidoscope effect was amazing; small white dots of light danced across the whole room that was in almost total darkness.

Paul knew that the feelings he was having were wrong. Having listened to his father's sermons for so many years, he knew that what he was doing was sinful. But, fortified with the alcohol, he was able to push these thoughts to the back of his mind and enjoy the experience. He knew that for as long as he could remember, he had been attracted to men but deathly afraid to act on those feelings. Having hidden his arousal behind his shirt, he tried to understand the feelings Jeremy was awakening in him. Paul's feelings had been brought on by a simple touch: the touch of Jeremy holding him close, the touch of Jeremy's hands over his bare back.

When darkness fell across the room, Paul reached up and gently pulled Jeremy's head around to face him. Thinking to himself that this was his first real kiss, he bent over and kissed Jeremy.

Tasting the sweet cinnamon on both their lips, Jeremy closed his eyes and opened his mouth slightly. Because he had never kissed anyone before, Paul simply did what came naturally. He ran his tongue across Jeremy's teeth first and then deeper into his mouth. No one seemed to pay the least bit of attention as the young men shared their first kiss.

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